Monday, 14 September 2009

A Rant Free Blog

I always said I spread myself too thinly, and here I go again with the creation of a new blog.

I've held off writing a diary style blog, simply because I know it is likely to end up as a rant; I hate rant blogs, they are not meant to be read (they are merely for the therapy of the ranter).
So I'm going to attempt to be disciplined about what I post (well within reason). I will avoid talking about the guy who scratched up my bike last week (If I ever catch him I'll use his face to polish my paintwork to a mirror shine) and keep the posts about my experiences and frustrations (frustration is fair territory) as a scriptwriter, animator, etc. and the new directions I'm taking in writing my first novel.

Yes, I know, I did just mention: writing a novel, it sounds very cheesy when it is put like that.
I should explain: for the past nine months I've been part of a daring experiment; undertaking a remotely operated, part-time, MA in Professional Writing, based at Falmouth University.
My original intention was to gain the confidence and skills I needed to be able to finish some of the feature scripts I had conceived over the years. As the course progressed and I needed to choose a specialism for my MA submission, I realise that I could go further; I already had the confidence and understanding to write feature scripts (I'm not boasting it's more holistic than that), and have found myself writing a book. If it turns out to be a good book remains to be seen, if it gets me my MA would be good, if it gets me an agent would be very good, published might be considered really excellent, and anything beyond that and I might actually crack a smile.

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